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Push has a great training attitude.  At trials he is exciting to watch, both on land and in the water. He is a hard driving dog who constantly gives 100% effort,  whether he is doing blinds or marks.  Push has it Ďallí.  Talent, correct structure, style, courage and most importantly the temperament for which the Golden Retriever is famous. He is easy to live with, good with other dogs, and simply loves everyone. 
At less than 5 years of age Push has 38 all age points, 33 points in Canada and 5 points in the U.S. Push is Canada Top Field Trial Golden  for 2005 in open and amateur rankings. In all breed stands he is 4th Amateur All age
Hips:                GR-81163G30M
Elbows:            GR-EL8445M30-PI
Thyroid:            Normal
Heart:               GR-CA6781/29M/C
Eyes:                GR-26157/2005--51
CHIC:              16075

Yoda is a wonderful retriever to train and hunt with. She is always ready to work, whether in the field or obedience class. In the field she is looking out to id the situation, in obedience class she is paying attention to you and your commands.
She is a very stylish retriever that is equally strong on land or water.  With a very limited derby career Yoda Jammed a Canadian Junior at 13 mo and earned a Canadian Junior 2nd and a US Derby 4th. She Jammed her first Qualifying at 27 months of age.
Yoda is a 22 3/4 inches and 60 lbs of muscle.

Eye:       GR-28724     
Hip:       GR-86971G     
Elbow:   GR-EL11790
Heart:     GR-CA9654