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   Duso Goldens Presents
a repeat breeding of
Topbrass Hawk's Blackhawk *** x Duso's Phoenix of Temair MH ***

Expected  June 6th 2017

Topbrass Hawk's Blackhawk  *** 

Hawk is a high powered water loving Competitor with a bright future. He has all of his Clearances including the 3 DNA (Optigen) Clearances.

He is a good size 65 lb boy with a loving temperament. He and the his intact Housemate (Red Hawkins) are Best Friends.

Hawk earned 61 Derby Points which makes him the 2nd All Time High Point Derby Golden in History. He also became  QAA at 2.6 years old.                      

His health clearances are:
Hip:       GR-112790E24M 

Elbow    GR- EL32947M24   

Cardiac GR-CA27736/23M/S

Eye       GR-EYE3467/23M


prcd-PRA clear (Optigen 14-9642

PRA1        clear (Optigen 14-9642)

Ichthyosis   clear(by parentage)


Duso's Phoenix of Temair MH***

Scarlet is a result of breeding Duso's Nivarna's Quest  to Burns Golden Phoenix. She is a hard charging retriever that has become a very consistent team player. She almost always takes me to the last series of the Q. She finished 12 of 13 Q and became QQA after her last litter. This year we will start training and competeing in all age stakes and continue learning agility and obedience.

Her health clearances are:
Hip:        GR-105629G30F            
Elbow    GR-EL26477F30   

Cardiac  Cardiologist letter

Thyroid  GR-TH2977/99F

Eye        Cerf GR-43683


prcd-PRA  clear (Optigen

PRA1         clear (Optigen)

Ichthyosis   Affected (Antegene)    

Puppy pedigree

Test Breeding : http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=640154



The price of the SCARLET and HAWK puppies is $2000 for AKC Full Registration. ALL Pups are being sold with Full Registration. We want these pups in Competition, Working homes, since it is a special breeding.
We require a deposit of $400 to reserve puppies once the breeding takes place; litters generally sell quickly. We ask that our puppies be registered with  "DUSO" in the name. Please feel free to call us at (518) 578-1957 or email us at: