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    Getting ready for your new puppy is as important as picking out your puppy, if not more. I will be adding to the page, my two cents worth on how to make your pup a enjoyable addition to your household, what equipment you will need (and you thought all you had to due was buy the pup?) and early veterinary care.

Getting ready for the Pup

Living Quarters
    The first thing you should think about is housing the pup. If you are like me, you work and are gone from the house for most of the day. So what are you going to do with the pup. Goldens don't necessarily need allot of room. They need a place to sleep (and rest so they be ready for YOU when you get home) and get out of the weather, a little room to walk and a place to go. You need to have this ready as soon as the pup comes home. There are many options
    1.) Install a Kennel Run, I recommend a 4' X 20' 6'high run made out of chain link fence (4' X 10' is probably OK). The base should be solid, concrete or wood platform with a dog house.  If you just put it on the ground they will did out. This size kennel can house 2 medium size dogs if needed. My current Kennels are built in 4'X10'X6' panels that are easy in assemble and move if needed.
    2.) Install a fenced in backyard with a dog house. ( I have my kennel in a fenced in back yard) This is a good option as long as occasional supervision of the dog is available. Goldens are very intelligent and the will figure out how to escape and be with you. The fence should be at least 4' high (preferably higher). You will need to spend some time training them not to dig under the fence or install the fence into the ground in an L shaped fashion so that as the dogs dig at the base they hit fencing.
    3.) Install a Cable Run. This gives room of the dog to exercise and go. You'll need a dog house. Make sure the run is very securely attached and think about what happens if they break the run. 
    4.) Leave the pup inside. If you do this you will need to come home every 3-5 hours or give the pup an area the he may use to go. If you do leave him inside then you will need to secure an area that is free from hazards and things that will get him in trouble. A room with no electrical cords or furniture to chew on. The following link is an article on crate training that might be useful if you chose this option.

Puppy Equipment
    Two dog bowls - 2 qt Stainless Steel last forever
    Puppy Collar
    Lots of Chew toys - I like the pressed Rawhide, Cow hoofs, and fleece toys. The dogs love to carry things around.
    Crate 24"x36"x22"
    Dog bed

to be continued

The Golden Retriever Club of America has some excellent information on their web site. The following link will take you to information for the pamphlet An Introduction to the Golden Retriever.

Books I recommend for raising and training your puppy .

Training Retrievers for the Marshes and... cover cover

I know not related but when you run with your new pup you may need: