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Duso's Priceless Cutie Pi QA2 3/14/2012 (PI)

Eye:              GR-EYE10927/52F-PI               
Hip:              GR-118800E60F-VPI
Elbow:         GR-EL38609F60-VPI
Heart:           GR-ACA302/52F-VPI

Thyroid    GR-TH3127/52F-VPI

Icthyosis    Optigen 13-11736 Clear

PRCD PRA Optigen 12-7951 Clear

 PRA1         Optigen 13-11736 Clear 

PRA2          Optigen 13-11736 Clear

PI  is one of two puppies from my litter of Have Dog Duso Travel SH/QA2 (Yoda) to Ambertrails Life Of Riley ***. They were born on international Pi day! They were Cutie Pi and Sweetie Pi. Tragically Sweetie Pi died at about 3 1/2 months of age. As a result, Dave, Donna  and I co-own Cutie Pi. She is trained and handled by Dave Williams and a full time spoiled rotten house dog. She is currently running All Age Stakes.  

Pi earned her QAA by 2.6 years of age. She is a very stylish retriever and an excellent marker. 






Waiting her Turn

Her online Face

We'll just getti up back in

Or perhaps we'll take off