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 SR Choctaw Magnum Maggie MH *** 2/20/1995 - 9/19/08

Eye:     Cerf GR-21265/2002-91
Hip:     OFA GR-57465F62F-T 
Heart: OFA GR-CA04225/68F/C-PI
Elbow: OFA GR-EL2612

SR Choctaw Magnum Maggie MH after her Qualifying win at Talbot RC spring. Click on image for her pedigree.

    Maggie is a hard charging golden with a stylish water entry and great water attitude. She is the dog that renewed my interest it competitive goldens and field work. Maggie is in actively training for field trials and hunt test.. She is currently running Amateur Stakes and has an Amateur JAM and numerous Qualifying placements including 2-1st, 2-3rds, 4th and 8 Jams. Maggie did not start her Field Trial career until she was 2 1/2 yrs old and appears to be settling down and starting to perform. Maggie completed her MH title qualifying in 6 of 7 tests. She has qualified in 11 of 13 tests. She loves Duck hunting and standing on the edge of the boat, just outside the blind watching the ducks come in.




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