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   Duso Goldens Presents
a breeding of
Cedarpond's Duso Bodhisattva *** x Duso's Nirvana Quest ***

bodie_qaaw_plate1.jpg (89236 bytes) Cedarpond’s Duso Bodhisattva *** (AFC Cayman’s Rum Point Red x AFCTH FCTH Cedarpond’s Beetlejuice Razcal). He Jammed 4 Derbies, he was often there at the end of the trial. He is currently training and running  Qualifying. He received a Reserve Jam at the 2003 Women's Spring FT and became QAA at 32 months by earning a 2nd in the 96 dog Qualifying at the Golden Specialty Sept 15-17, 2003. In 2004 he has earned a qualifying 2nd, 3rd and Reserve Jam as well as a MH qualification.

He his currently at home training and trialing. He has started his hunting career. His first duck-hunting trip had him breaking ice and showing good boat/blind manors. His first pheasant hunting experience has him catching a hen and flushing 2 cock pheasants. He is a pleasure to have around the house. Very calm and gentlemanly. He is gentle and is wonderful playing with puppies.  Bodie has that true golden personality!

His health clearances are:
Hip:       GR-80662G32M-PI 
Elbow   GR-EL8185M32-PI
Eye:       GR-25198/2002-20
Heart:   Clear awaiting number

Duso's Nirvana Quest is a result of breeding my Maggie to Wraith's Htr.mn. Bro Macdhuibh. Karma finished her derby career with a Jam in the last derby. Karma started her Qualifying career Aug 2003. She placed 2nd at the Maryland RC All Breed trial on Oct 10, 2003 at 37 months of age. This fall she earned a Qualifying Jam.

She has allot of punch on land and in the water. She has the drive for those big field trial marks. Karma is the hardest running dog I've ever seen. She runs equally hard on the way out and the way back in. She is an excellent water dog that is naturally honest in the water.  She appears very trainable but is sensitive. She is a loving and affectionate dog. Karma is an experienced duck and pheasant hunting dog.

Her health clearances are

Hip:         GR-77749G26F-PI Good
Elbow:    GR-EL6802F26-PI  
Eye:        GR-25197/2002-27
Heart:     Clear awaiting number

karma_qaaforward2.jpg (39135 bytes)