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Duso's Nirvana Quest SH/***  9/08/2000

Eye:         GR-25197/2002-27
Hip:         GR-77749G26F-PI Good
Elbow:    GR-EL6802F26-PI  
Heart:     GR-CA9060/26F/C-PI

Duso's Nirvana Quest is my new hopeful. She is a result of breeding my Maggie to Wraith's Htr.mn. Bro Macdhuibh. Her name is a result of the way I ended up with her. She was the only female. She was committed to someone in Texas and alas they decided not to take her. The more I watched her the more I liked her. First to Jump off the puppy jungle gym, first up the stairs, held her own with the boys and very people oriented. I finally decided that it was my karma to keep another female. Hence her name. She has alot of punch on land and in the water. She has the drive for those big field trial marks.  Karma finish her derby career with a Jam in the last derby. Karma started her Qualifying career Aug 2003. She placed 2nd at the Maryland RC All Breed trial on Oct 10, 2003.  In 2005 we have been working on field trials, hunt test and obedience. We are starting to work better has a team, I believe that the obedience is building that team work.  She is starting to mature and I look forward to the next season to see what see can do.

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karma fetch small.jpg

karma   returm small.jpg

karma western dark eyes small.jpg