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Duso's Tricky Dicky QA2 4/2/2014 (Checkers what else could it be)



            PRCD PRA Clear     

            PRA1 Clear

            PRA2 Clear

Ichtyosis Affected


Checkers  Is the newest addition to the house. And it has been quite a ride.  He was very intent from the beginning. Early on he showed a little independent streak, deciding that he wanted me to chase him with the bumper. We worked very hard through the spring and summer and we were rewarded with a first place in the 2015 GRCA National Specialty Derby.

Checkers is currently running Qualifying, getting ready to run all age stakes. Some days he is a hero some days a bum!!

Derby  1st 2015 GRCA Specialty

Derby 3rd 2016 Snowbird RC

Derby Jam 2016 Tallokas RC

Derby 4th 2016 Jacksonville RC

Derby Jam 2016 Womens FTC

Qual Jam 2016 Westchester RC

Qual Jam 2016 Lake Champlain RC

Qual Jam 2016 Maine FTC

Qual 3rd 2016 Colonial FTC

Qual Jam 2016 Snowbird RC

Qual Jam 2016 Tallokas RC

Qual 4th 2017 South Jersey RC

Qual 4th 2017 Maryland RC

Qual 2nd 2017 Central New York RC **QAA**

Qual Reserve Jam 2017 Maine FTC




Checkers with Derby win 2015 and Qualifying 2nd 2017 new QAA




Snowbird Retriever Club March 2016 Derby 3rd