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Cedarpond's Duso Bodhisattva ***   1/17/2001
(stud dog I am I am)

Eye:       GR-25198/2002-20
Hip:       GR-80662G32M-PI 
Elbow   GR-EL8185M32-PI
Heart:   GR-CA9071/32M/C-PI

Bodie was a impulse. It was a great breeding and I just called to talk about the litter. An addict can't just talk about a litter, there were males available and I got prime pick. From, the beginning he was different. Very laid back very contemplative. He would intently watch the Lardy videos with me. He would also quietly grab anything loose on the table, sneak out the dog door and eat it.  I often called him my old soul.
     He Jammed 4 Derbies, he was often there at the end of the trial. He is currently training and running  Qualifying. He received a Reserve Jam at the 2003 Women's Spring FT and became QAA at 32 months by earning a 2nd in the 101 dog Qualifying at the Golden Specialty Sept 15-17, 2003.  
     He his currently at home training and trialing. He is a pleasure to have around the house. Very calm and gentlemanly, even when bitches are in season. I use to think he was a wimp, but have discovered that he is just not interested in all that pecking order stuff. Just don't bug him to much because he will stand up for himself. He is gentle and is wonderful playing with puppies.  Bodie has that true golden personality!

bodie_Qaaprofile.jpg (120871 bytes)

bodie_front_cu_srrc.jpg (165372 bytes)
Bodie at 2 Yrs age photo by Jane Pappler

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bodie_profile.jpg (102531 bytes)
Bodie @ 1 YR

Bodie_profile_srrc.jpg (27642 bytes)
Bodie at 2 Yrs age photo by Jane Pappler