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        Many years ago, while going to college in Minnesota, I purchased a golden retriever. The breeder was raising and training field trial goldens. The breeder gave me a quick demonstration of what the dog was trained to do and I was awed. That puppy was the smartest puppy I've ever owned, the mythical Joshua. Unfortunately I learned a valuable lesson about dogs and cars and I had to put Joshua down at 9 months of age due to a crushed pelvis. My second golden, Quala, was not field bred and although a wonderful pet, did not posses the qualities that I enjoyed in Joshua. Although I was living in New Jersey, I contacted Joshua's breeder hoping for a repeat breeding. This search resulted in me purchasing Jessie, a FC/AFC Benjamin Rajah Frisbee daughter. She was an intense retriever that I trained for 4 years before demands of work and dog issues made me retire my dogs. Twelve years later, when Jessie's daughter was fourteen, I decided to get another field trial golden. The first Retriever Field Trial News that I looked in had two litter listings for dogs that were line breed on Benjamin Rajah Frisbee, I had to have one. The rest is a blur.

        Now thirteen years later, my dogs and I have a lists of accomplishments to be proud of


First Amatuer Jam
1995-2008 First Owner handled Qualifying Win
                                First Master Hunter  
                                First Qualified All Age 
First Qualifying Placement  


First Derby Points
Master Hunter


First Owner Handled Qualifying Placement
First Owner Handled Qualifying finish
Qualified All Age
Amateur Jam
Master hunter


Qualified All Age
First obedience title CD & RN
Senior Hunter
Bodie  Stud dog I am I am 
First Owner handled QAA
Master Hunter
First Owner Handled Amateur Placement 4th same trial as yoda


First Owner completed Basics
Qualified All Age
Three Back to Back Qualifying Wins
Senior Hunter
First Owner Handled Amateur Placement 3rd same trial as bodie
Scarlet Master Hunter
Qualified 2015 MAster National
Finished 7 of 8 Qualifyings
Qualified All Age
Checkers First Owner trained and Handled Derby Win 
8 derby points 
Qualified All Age (QA2)
Cookie 2017 GRCA National Specialty Derby Win
Currently 7 Derby points with a 70% completion rate.

 Maggie & Splash after their Qualifying Placements  

maggie splash western ribbons resized.jpg (296738 bytes)

Qualifying 1st
Western NYRC Aug 9-11 2002
Amateur Jam
Colonial RFTC Sept 27-29

Qualifying JAM
Fort Pitt RC Aug 2-4 2002
Qualifying 4th
Western NYRC Aug 9-11 2002
Qualifying 2nd
Maine RFTC Sept 20-22

The beginning of August 2002 takes us to Tonawanda NY and two field trials and a week of 10 hour training days. The season is off to a good start with 3 ribbons for 4 entries. Splash completed both Qualifying's with a Jam at Fort Pitt and a 4th at Western NY. Maggie Won the qualifying at Western NY to end her Qualifying career.  It was the first time I had ever completed a field trial with either of these dogs. Professional handlers had handled them both to  Qualifying wins. It is a sign that we are starting to work as a team.

The season continued to be charmed. Splash earned a Qualifying 2nd at the Maine Ret. Club and was called back to the 3rd series of the Amateur. The final trial of the year was Colonial RFTC. Maggie received a JAM in the Amateur. The first time I have ever been invited to the last series of an All Age Stake.